Top TAZ tips for 3D printing

I've been using LulzBot printers ever since they started selling them and have had a lot of experience with my Lulzbot TAZ printers. Here are a few top tips for 3D printing on them, they are printer specific, but may also be of use to people using other machines.

1. Bed Adhesion: Rough the bed up a bit. If you have the standard TAZ PET bed (green tape) you'll need to give it a good sand down. Get some P600 sandpaper and sand it it a circular motion. This combined with "Lulzjuice" (Acetone mixed with a bit of ABS) will give you a great first layer adhesion. If instead you have the new TAZ 5 with PEI bed you shouldn't have this problem at all, it works great.

2. Nozzle Clogging: Paper towel+ peg as shown in picture. This cleans the filament of any dust or particulate as it enters the extruder, minimizing the chance of the nozzle clogging. I learnt this one from the Strooder guys!


3. TAZ fan mount: Find our fan mount on Thingiverse. You may need to purchase the fan extruder add-on from lulzbot for about $25. The mount they provide directs air towards the print, which improves print quality because the plastic dries faster, especially where overhang is steep. My fan mount also directs some air at the nozzle heat sink, which prevents the heat creeping up the filament during slow or long prints which can sometimes cause an extruder jam.

Happy 3D Printing folks!