Limbcare Backs Open Bionics

A leading organisation for amputees has thrown their weight behind the work at Open Bionics.

Limbcare is a charity set-up by quadruple amputee Ray Edwards MBE, who lost his limbs after contracting septicemia.

The organisation offers hope, guidance, advice and peer support to those with limb differences and those around them.

Joel recently met with Ray and his team to discuss the future of prosthetics and seek his judgement on the latest robotic hand prototypes.

Ray said: “It is just fantastic. This is the future and they're doing it to help people. We're right behind them and we're incredibly happy to support their work. This technology is going to change lives. It's going to help so many people. 3D printing hands is a brilliant idea.”

Ray is an unstoppable force of nature and has offered to put the latest robotic prosthetics through rigorous testing. He said he particularly enjoyed how Open Bionics is making their hands light-weight and low cost.

Ray is an advocate for amputee awareness and spends much of his time around the country educating people about what it means to be an amputee.

Joel said he couldn't think of  better a better person to test his prototypes.